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At Smudge Dog Grooming your pet will be pampered with nothing but love, kindness and affection at our home based dog grooming salon. Home baked doggie biscuits are specially made to spoil your pooch while they are here. Your dog will receive one on one attention by Michelle & Jason, husband & wife team. Your dogs are kept in safe and secure enclosures, with blankets for their comfort until your return. No shortcuts are taken and females receive complimentary bows (hair length permitting).

Whether you are looking for a basic wash & dry, right up to a specific breed clip, I'm only too happy to oblige.
We are only able to cater for small to light weight medium dogs due to previous injuries we cannot risk worsening. (Labs/border collies/kelpies and larger fall into this category. We take nothing taller than a cocker spaniel) We apologise for any inconvenience.

Please browse my website for a detailed list of my services, a gallery of pictures of dogs I have clipped, provide your feedback, contact me directly and more!

Bookings are available generally within a few days of calling!


(1% Surcharge applies)